Oscar Themed Party Awards!:

“And best motion picture…….” the crowd waits in suspense, as a curtain of silence falls upon the audience “is awarded to………” fingers crossed, eye lids squeezed together by the fist of nerves, “Hannah Montana the Movie!”

Ok, just kidding, but I thought that the awards part of the Oscars, is the biggest part even compared with the red carpet. So how could you have an Oscars party, without the awards? But we can’t have best motion picture, or best actress because well, there won’t be any famous directors or actors at this party! And receiving an award like that wouldn’t feel like much of an achievement and the “trophy” would just get thrown out anyway. So I came up with a few awards that you could win at a party without playing musical chairs.

I will post the screen shots of what I’m using to list and read the awards with underneath, then I’ll do an example so you can understand how to fill it out. Also to match there’s a little “plaque” sort of thing where you cut on the BLACK lines (not the red) and the fold each “plaque” along the RED line. Then on a table, you can arrange the trophies however you like and place the little “plaques” in front. Then, when each guest receive their award, they will get to keep their little “plaque” as well.




Oscar Themed Party!:

The Oscars. A glamourous event full of fashion, lights, photographers, limousines, it’s a celebraties dream! And wonderful for us to watch. My sister’s birthday is coming up, and she just loves being the center of attention and glamourous things so I thought that an Oscars birthday would suit her perfectly!

Since I am helping my Mum to organize the party, I will leave tutorials to all the DIY projects I attempt (and hopefully succeed in!), give you guys any links to websites or shops I’ve bought products from and even any documents that I create for the party! Firstly, I’ll post the invitation! This is just my version and of course you could also buy some or even create them yourself! If you think that you’re not creative enough to make one yourself, I would highly suggest taking this one because you can pay a lot of money for other invitations especially Oscar ones (as they are not very common). I have put two up one for a birthday and one just for a party in case there is another event that you want to be Oscar themed!

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 9.54.50 PM

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 9.55.03 PM


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