All about us ♥

Hello World! My name is Lexi (Alex to Lex to Lexi) and this is our brand new blog! Ink (Ingrid to Inksquid to Ink) is amazing at art and writing! Gink (Which is pronounced Jink because it comes from Georgia. It turned into Gink because Ingrid had Ink) Gink is amazing at making Polyvore Sets and she’s crafty! I love cooking and DIY projects!

hey everyone!!!!! i’m gink (georgia). i am a teenager that needs to do something with her life. so why not start a blog with my friends<3 here are a few thing about me! i am good at art and apparently ceramics. (well, thats what my art teacher said<3) i love drama! it is my favourite class! when i grow up i want to be a broadway actor or a director! i was top in my class for drama! super happy about that! alright, and now, what i rave about EVERY day! tim burton, doctor who, helenah bonham carter, johnny depp, benedict cumberbatch, bbc’s sherlock, skulduggery pleasant, the hunger games, vocaloid, anime, manga, lost in austen and…………………my friends! ink is my bestie! we have known each other since we started primary school. we are n high school now. lexi is my friend, but we havnt met. don’t worry, she’s not a random 40 year old man on the internet, she’s ink’s ‘buddy in real life. i hope to meet her. she is so nice and friendly. make sure to check up on our blog when you can!

Hey!! my name’s Ingrid but everyone calls me Ink. Well, I’m not perfect. There are things about me that could be more perfect, for example, my freckles! I absolutely hate my freckles. Everyone always says “nah, don’t hate them. they make you YOU and they look so cute.” but no. They are really annoying and looks like i’ve walked through flames and little sparks have dotted my face and arms. “The girl on fire!” Oh, that reminds me. i’ve been reading the Hunger Games trilogy a the moment for school and we have to write reviews and stuff but we also have limits. We can only read up to a certain chapter each week and so am literally crying on the edge of my bed every night, waving my fist in the air and cursing my school to the heavens.
Gink is my bestie! we have known each other since primary school and i met Lexi last year in high school. Lexi and i clicked from the start and have been buddies ever since. Gink and Lexi have never met in real life yet but someday they will. Gink is the creative  and inspiring one in our group. She always has a positive, God-like aurar around her.<3 Lexi is the gentile one in our group and is someone you can always talk to if you have problems no matter how bad they are. She can always keep a secret. c: I’m what you could say is the “glue” that keeps our trio together. i laugh at basically everything and want to “live” while i can! I hope you enjoy out blog and check up on it when you can. xx


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