8. You Never Fought for Me.

8. You Never Fought for Me.


DIY Studded & ombre shorts

First of all, we’re sorry that we haven’t been online in ages but school has been eating us alive! we’ll try to do more posts and stuff but for now just bare with us c:



Anyway, on with the project~

things you’ll need for ombre part:
– denim shorts
– bleach
– sink or bucket
– rubber gloves
– water
– laundry soap

Step 1:
Put on rubber gloves and fill up bucket or sink with water.

Step 2:
Add bleach to the water. Around 1-2 cups
Then, add about a teaspoon of laundry soap to the water.

Step 3:
place your shorts about 3/4 of the way in the water/bleach mixture. Leave it in for a while until you’re satisfied with the color.

Step 4:
Rinse your shorts under water for a few minutes then throw them in the washing machine c:

Step 5:
Hang the shorts outside on the washing line to dry.
After this you should be done with the ombre part.
Now, on to studding~

things you’ll need for sudding:
– studs
– dart awl or sharp instrument
– flat head screwdriver

*Note. Only start studding the fabric when it’s completely dry!
Step: (for screw on studs)
poke a hole with your dart awl, insert the screw back through the hole from the underside of the garment. Screw the spike onto the screw back and tighten with the screwdriver.

Step: (for prong studs)
poke the prongs through the fabric and use your flat head screwdriver to flatten the prongs down tight against the fabric.