Me, You and Us

I couldn’t live without you,
I love the way you shine.
I love all that you do,
Because every action is kind.
I love all your compliments,
I love the way you create,
I know that even though we’ve never met,
We’ll always be best mates.
You’re there when I’ve been knocked down,
You make the path in front easier to see.
You too could never make me frown,
Because you make life happy for me.
You’re always so funny,
You are also full of care.
Your personality so sunny,
And you beauty so fair.
We are like peas in a pod,
We have so much in common.
We can handle the rough,
And we ain’t not stop’n.
We work well together,
We keep on going.
We shall not wither,
No matter where the river’s flowing…..
By Lexi
The sections were specifically  for Ink or Gink but they both generally apply to both of you! 🙂 Love you guys!
Keep Blogging
Love Lexi ❤

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