My Brothers – a True Poem

This is a poem i made last year about my 2 annoying but lovely brothers. :3


My brothers are bad,

they drive us all mad,

they team up against me,

until I feel sad.


They comfort me then,

say it’s only a joke,

they’re there for me when,

I just cannot cope.


They help me with dishes,

I help them with tea,

they help me do schoolwork,

we listen to cd’s.


We have good times and bad times,

but as rude as they are,

when i get it, i’ll drive them,

in my red fancy car.


My brothers are crazy,

they’re wild, carefree,

and i know they’ll go places,

just wait and see.


But brothers are brothers,

and i must learn to accept,

the annoyance that comes from,

the opposite sex.


We fight all the time,

we always disagree,

but i know in my heart,

they mean so much to me.


Luv, Ink ♥


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